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Stop the Presses: Zoho–Oh No. Not yet

At least not on the mac running firefox 3.

What I need is a way to create new files from a form (patient evaluation) and then save that file named by that patient’s name and date seen–like 23SmithValerie.doc.

On Safari and Webkit browser apps created through Fluid App, there’s a “save as”. Under Firefox, no save as or template option.

I’ll check back in six months. Maybe. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Stop the Presses: Zoho–Oh No. Not yet”

  1. Fred : Thanks for using Zoho. Pardon me but can you explain your requirements a bit more?

    If you are using Zoho Writer, you can click on the file name on the top (it is ‘Untitled’ by default) and rename it. This is irrespective of the browser, OS being used.

    Kindly confirm if this is the case.

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