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Fragments from Floyd

Sunday Morning, Coming Down

The Calendars Have Landed!
The Calendars Have Landed!

Title has nothing to do with mood. I’m listening on Pandora to the John Denver Station and the Kristofferson song popped in the algorithm. Man I like Pandora–so much I’d better check and see how many hours you get for free each month before their for-fee charges kick in. Pandora radio soon to come, I suppose you’ve heard.

With the music this morning, I had the first opportunity to use Shazam–a utility I could absolutely do without but makes a nice just-for-kicks WOW! app to identify music you can can’t quite put your finger on. That kind of fuzzy memory might happen more and more often in the don’t-forget-your-pants decade ahead.

Oh, main reason I am blogging on a morning when the freezing rain is falling hard and the power could go off at any minute is to tell you folks who have calendars coming that I think you’ll find they meet your expectations. Image quality is fine–one never knows how the digital originals will translate to paper. These are sharp and clear and the color rendition is spot on to the appearance on my color-calibrated monitor.

I’ll be getting calendars into envelopes today and tomorrow, sending out the first wave to those whose orders I’ve received.

UPDATE: Meant to post this yesterday. Sorry for the low-res image, a cellphone quickie. Heading to Pilot PO with the first batch shortly!

Looks like I’ll have enough so that if you want more, there will be a limited reserve available on a first-come while-they-last basis, just let me know.

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  1. Been a Pandora listener for a while now. Actually Yahoo’s music service had a much more diverse playlist but they went out of business about a year ago. Some Pandora stations have a limited playlist, namely the Christmas stations this time of year, but it’s the best thing going on the net. It’s 99 cents if you hit the monthly limit (speaking from experience), or you can pay a one-time annual fee which isn’t too bad.

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