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SustainFloyd Seeking Director

Job Description for Director

Overview: The Executive Director is responsible for the administration and operation of the SustainFloyd. The Executive Director carries out policies set by and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The incumbent implements a leadership of relationships that builds economic and social capital for the well-being of SustainFloyd and the community it serves.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Director is responsible for:

1. Ensuring the long-term stability of SustainFloyd by guiding and providing both conceptual and operational leadership that supports the board of trustees to be a highly engaged, serving and leading governing body. The incumbent does this by maintaining and strengthening foundation governance practices, norms, values, structures, systems, and policies.

2. Organizing and securing financial support for foundation operations by methods approved by the Board, including grant writing, and year-round development initiatives, activities and programs. With the Board of Directors develop plans of work for asset growth and activities to develop community support.

3. To promote SustainFloyd’s mission through servicing board supported projects.

4. To oversee the administration of SustainFloyd including personnel management, record keeping, database management, financial management, and, infrastructure of support for board fund raising work.

5. To provide community education and outreach including: production and dissemination of SustainFloyd information materials, newsletter and Web site; providing consulting and training services to nonprofits, church groups civic organizations and emerging grassroots organizations in issues covered by SustainFloyd’s mission.

6. Enabling SustainFloyd to act as a catalyst and convener for leadership and community development by fostering local, regional, national and international relationships that engage SustainFloyd, its donors, trustees, partners, and volunteer leadership.

Qualifications: strong administrative skills, demonstrated ability to work well with people of diverse backgrounds, to engage imaginatively and effectively in community organizing initiatives; executive experience in for profit and/or the nonprofit sectors, community based organizations, fund raising, and development; knowledge of the community; knowledge and use of technology tools; experience working with a highly engaged board of directors; and, commitment to governance that requires active board leadership.

Salary Range: Base begins at $30,000 and commensurate with experience and background. Single health insurance coverage. Paid holidays and sick leave. Contribution to SEP IRA account.

Further Information: For further information call Jackie at 540 745 4780 or email More about the organization at the SF web site.

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