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Fragments from Floyd

The Dog Ate my Blog Post

I had an Amazing Biology post half-formed earlier this morning when I had occasion to walk past the dog-queen on her love-seat throne.

There were two tiny new beauty marks, one above each eye.  And as I leaned towards her for closer inspection (this, being her fourth birthday by the way, and more about that another day perhaps) two more similar dots appeared near her left ear.

All together, I collected *10 very tiny larval deer ticks from either the dog or the cover on her throne. And I swear just as I typed the period of that last sentence, I felt a tiny tickle over what used to be my left anterior deltoid muscle and guess what?

So too bad there’s not a Frontline for people. And that the dog has been treated thusly (against a lot of personal resistance to poisoning my dog for a hygenic purpose) means ticks that would latch onto her are more prone to detach from her toxic self and look for a non-lethal meal. Like me.

It was 38 degrees here this morning when Gandy brought home her miniature zoo. So just be aware that, at least in some parts of Floyd County, it is the PEAK of tick season and cold is no deterrent.

*Make that 11.

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