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Fragments from Floyd

The Place May be Bugged


“How did you find our service?” asked the nice lady at Bugman Exterminating.

I had to admit that, from all the “pest control” ads in the yellow pages, it was the picture of Bugsy the yellow lab that caught my attention. Bugsy, the termite detection canine, found abandoned in Florida, was trained extensively to use her incredible sense of smell to detect termites in attics and crawlspaces.

We have our free inspection scheduled for this afternoon. I don’t expect to see Bugsy; I think this organization has several facilities scattered about, and I feel certain not every one of them have their own termite-dog. But one was enough for the yellow pages mug shot (mutt shot?) and the web site hook. Got me!

So maybe we’ll find out if those things Ann swears she’s been seeing around here are actually winged termites.

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