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Tiller for Sale: A Matter of Scale

Goodbye, o'l Paint, I'm Leavin' Cheyenne

It was heartbreaking to sell my old faithful Troybilt Horse rear-tine tiller when we metamorphosed from country to city life in 1987.

But when we moved back to the country (in western Carolina) in 1989, I would need me a tiller, and thought I’d just get what I had before.

No, said the salesman, you’ll not be happy with the “new” Troybilt. It’s not built like the old ones. So I set my sights on Honda, which they also carried, and I kept that tiller til today. And it has been a very good machine.

I’ve enjoyed the swing-handle feature that lets me walk beside the machine and not in the row I just tilled. I’ve appreciated the reverse gear and the power.

But life goes on. Our first garden here had a six foot grass perimeter that we had to keep mowed, but it gave me some tiller turning room at the end of my rows.

Now, we garden inside a small-square-foot stockade, and planted space goes right to the fence, but not with the big Honda. I have to stop far short of the fence to turn it, and we just can’t give up this much space.

So last year, I was leaning towards selling it and getting a very small cultivator of the Mantis variety. And to make that decision easier, late in the summer, the Honda wouldn’t crank. I went that afternoon and got a small hand-holdable Stihl tiller, and now the Honda needs a new home.

It has new tires I replaced two years ago. I’m asking $300 for it, as is. My guess is since it stopped in mid-season, it’s probably clogged fuel parts.

Send me a message if you’re interested.

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  1. I have a 49cc cub cadet tiller that has done a great job for me, just replaced the lower end, all gears etc in the tiller housing, I have a 50 ft wide x 150 ft long garden & need a bigger tiller..woul;d you consider $150. plus my cub cadet tiller which I bought for my raised garden, 10 ft x 10 ft before I retired. It is in excellent condition and works beautifully just kinda small for what I have now…Would appreciate any answer,,,

    Don Tester
    arvil hunt rd
    Lexington nc 27295
    804 852 6138

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