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Fragments from Floyd

Too Long Didn’t Read

At least twice–maybe three times in one day last week–I ran across the cryptic tl;dr. I had to look it up.

I thought: I can use that. In the age of text-fragments, video-bits and sound-bytes the internet browser’s attention span continues to shrink. Essays longer than 140 characters need not apply. tl;dr Too long. Didn’t read.

So I’m thinking that I’ll set aside for now the notion of blogging a complete expression towards any larger point. This should especially easy this time of year when it starts to seem like molecular motion has ceased altogether, during the dull photo-lull when an image is not worth a thousand (or even 300) words.

Expect more short posts here, perhaps more than one some days. And maybe someday, a venue for longer posts in a sidecar cubby will appear in or near Fragments.

So while I muddle over those longer thoughts, a few links–practical, aural and visual–from the web inbox:

▶ Listen to jazz and rain sounds –

â–¶ Vegetable oil for lubricating chain saws

▶ Fields of Frost Flowers in Finland Are Stunningly Beautiful

4 thoughts on “Too Long Didn’t Read”

  1. World is moving too fast to savor anything these days. I love long posts that resonate with me. I print them out, curl up in my favorite chair with a cup of tea or coffee and read and savor the words. Please don’t eliminate all TL postings for people like me who still thrill to the writer who thinks, pauses, writes, reads, rewrites and chooses each word to add flavor and density to a piece. Just my humble opinion and yes, I am in the minority and savor it.

  2. Thanks, Lynn, I’m working on a format, still connected to the blog, for posting pieces that twig to each other–like the multi-segment thematic long essay I was talking about. That way, a reader would be able to read shorter single posts, but if they wanted, tie a half dozen 400 word blog-thoughts easily into a larger “too-long” whole. And I, in the end, might have a better sense of having done justice to my topic by the series.

    The whole thing, then, could be uploaded to Scribd, Issuu, Medium and other places for archiving and for taking in whole.

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