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Fragments from Floyd

Trusted Space: Monday, January 15 Open House

Image copyright Rob Paterson“Everybody’s unhappy about the weather, but nobody’s doing anything about it.”

The ironic humor of this old nugget, of course, is that we know the forces that create weather patterns are quite beyond our control.

Some people believe the same thing about other aspects of our modern human existance: that this is simply the way things are and we’ll accept this bad weather of our culture, put on another coat, hide ourselves indoors and suffer through.

Rob Paterson thinks we can and should do something about the weather–about the ill winds that blow through our hospitals and corporations, our families and neighborhoods, and the way we think about growth and progress and community.

Where we shelter from this storm and grow whole again is in what Rob calls Trusted Space.

He will build the case that together, flowing with and not against nature’s rhythms and currents, we are about to change the way we live–the way we MUST live together–if we are to make it to the other side of the crippling fog of discouragement and collective confusion that typifies so much of modern western culture.

I’m first to admit I only know a small fragment of what Rob is prepared to tell us. But I must say, I think it will be an enriching tale to come for all us “hobbits” who participate in this epic as he unfolds if for us. And I know I am both honored and excited to be able to help in some small way by providing the photographic imagery to Rob’s Trusted Space as we move in and through it over the coming months.

Please join us.

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