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Fragments from Floyd

Twitterations: Test Run

TOXIC BREW IN TENNESSEE: A look at what’s (reported by TVA to be) in Kingston Plant coal ash == Daily KOS
Text Link Ads have sent me ~ $90 a month, $2-5 per new ad. Today I approved one that put a mere 15 cents/mnth on my total. Not happy.
Learn something. Dare ya. Widexplorer HOW TO
A $200 cash award will be presented to the person who submits the winning design for the 2009 Tour de Floyd poster.
Facing a full day of patients, totally lost my Mo: regroup. Listen well and empathetically. Watch your back. And theirs. Donning P.T. hat.
Coal waste dumps: ticking toxic time bombs. EPA has ignored this inconvenient truth of coal.
Wendall Berry’s eulogy of an old friend (imagine such a lifelong friend as Mr. Berry)… reading “The Requirement”
(I MAY GO TO THIS–FF) Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben Call for Mass Civil Disobedience Against Coal / WashDC March 2 ’09 (HuffPo)
Any Tweets seen “What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire”? (Was it hallowed or hollow?)
Check out Post Carbon Institute and Green For All/Green Jobs

This may look like trash on the blog, but thot I’d from time to time bring sidebar tweets onto the main page directly from Twitter since most “normal” readers (you know who you are) don’t bother to look there. If this is garbage visually, I won’t leave it up. If not, don’t know yet. We’ll see. There might be something here for somebody some time.

And on New Year’s Day, who’s up before noon and reading blogs anyway. (You know who you are.) Happy New Year, and a better one ahead, maybe? Make it so!

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