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Under the Hood

Okay, I’m gonna have to get my hands dirty. I’d generally resist pulling up the hood nand getting grease under my fingernails tweaking the blog machinery, but sometime you got to do what you got to do.

Need help here, buddies. It has been weeks since I noticed that my blogger window was way larger than my 19 inch monitor could accommodate. My screen resolution is set at 1200 X 1000, and I still have a horizontal scrollbar that will show me another 400 pixels off to the right.

This probably is part of the problem with the newly discovered situation: MSIE in some versions and on some monitors drops the sidebar all the way to the bottom of the front page of the blog. This is especially aggravating as I’m trying to understand how to best use Adsense in the sidebar. No wonder I haven’t gotten many visits to those ads in several days! They’re way down at the bottom of the main column!

(BTW: andThe sidebar looks fine on my monitor using Explorer 7, but other readers using earlier versions I assume, seem to be having problems.)

If anybody out there using can offer me some advice on how to modify my template or to change an offending post to make both Firefox 2 and all versions of MSIE behave, that would be greatly appreciated and make me sleep a whole lot better this snowy night.

Our operators are standing by, waiting for your call. THANX!

UPDATE 7 FEB: Fixed! Thanks Sean Pecor, for finding the missing div tag some doofus (named Fred) snipped and didn’t put back. Wonder, how such a small snippet can wreak such large damage. Tsk tsk.

4 thoughts on “Under the Hood”

  1. I come by most afternoons, I hadn’t noticed that the sidebar had gone. But then, I’m unobservant like that.

    Wanted to also say, that I don’t think I’ve left you a comment before. I enjoy your stories and photos very much – know that you are heard here in this small corner of the PNW.

  2. I found it. Search for “End #sidebar” before that line, add a </div> and you’ll be all set. I believe what happened was that earlier you pasted the sidebar code AFTER this “end div” instead of before it and it caused a bunch of other layout bugs, which were fixed when that extra “end div” ABOVE the sidebar code was removed.

  3. YES! That did it. I’d have never found that, knowing some little tittle of detail was missing. And I’m sure I inadvertently snipped it in my ham-handed tweaking under the hood. That’s what I get. But then, there are Script Angels out there. Thanks, Sean, for being one.

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