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UnStuffing The Holiday Turkey


The quote above is from a marketing guru of the Eisenhour era–a time that perhaps marks the beginning of our acquiescence to the addiction of stuff. We are all complicit in the idolatry of our times: the worship of goods, the more in excess of need the better.

There are many good reasons to change–now. In twenty minutes, the Story of Stuff does a fine job of laying on the table the sources of the problem (some obvious, some invisible or simply ignored) and solutions to end our illusion of infinite material conversion of the planet into our precious and largely un-necessary stuff.

You can watch online, or download the 50 MB file. I would recommend this for families, schools, churches and organizations as a way of focusing on actions that will allow us to take less and give more back to the earth in 2008. We simply must.

** 99% of the STUFF that goes through the system of production and distribution to reach consumers is trashed within six months. Is this the best we can do?

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