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Used Cameras and Lenses: Where to Go?

Okay, this is just to see if there’s anybody out there paying attention.

Got a new blog reader / future blogger / future SWVA resident /hopeful digi-photographer who may want a used Nikon D70.

What do you recommend as the best place for her to start looking to find a reliable vendor of used Nikon digitals?

She may also want a zoom, and while Nikon’s 18-200VR is great (can’t wait til mine comes back from repair) she may want to consider a less expensive starter lens from Tamron, Sigma etc.

If you have experience / advice, give me a holler. I’ll pass it along.

3 thoughts on “Used Cameras and Lenses: Where to Go?”

  1. I might be a source, but can’t testify as to my reliability. I have a used Nikon D100 which is basically the D70 with a metal body. It would come with a Tamron 19-35mm and an old consumer-grade Nikkor 200mm telephoto. I’ll have to do some research on ebay to determine market value before setting a price. Probably 70% of the pics on my website were taken with this outfit. Have her email me sales @ if interested.

  2. has used Nikon gear, and they only sell stuff in good shape. Their prices are not the lowest, but I’m very happy with the used lenses I’ve bought there.

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