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Fragments from Floyd

Weaponized Music

Is there a kind of music that drives you mad?

It is possible, you know. There is music of aggression and malice. Some is intended for that purpose and has been used against prisoners and political victims.

The Sound of Hate – The New Yorker

And some just happens to have the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard effect for me but not for you.

My own musical torture is quite a current genre and I don’t know what it’s called. It should be a simple matter of clicking through “Every Noise at Once” for a sample of the literally hundreds I have never heard of, and thank goodness.

Every Noise at Once

Bubblegum trance vs bubblegum dance? Terror core? Gothic post-punk?

My least-favorite current music seems to be everywhere and obviously quite popular. It consists of four basic bars, repeated ad nauseum, with some form of Ohhh-Ohhh-EEE-OOO OOO or other meaningly non-verbal loop and loop and loop with lots of synthesizer echo-chambery gooeyness.

Whatever this musical genre is, you can sample it pretty much anywhere on the Top Pop Songs list. Enjoy. I think I’m going to jump off a tall building.

Wait a minute. In Floyd?

Pop Music: Top Pop Songs Chart | Billboard

2 thoughts on “Weaponized Music”

  1. No tall buildings there? I am bothered by the music that is played in the background of some Facebook word games. Some of them can be muted, but not all. I hate rap, too.

  2. I listened to the first clip (Chainsmokers). Grating and disturbing. There seems to be a message…Is it female aggression? I hope not. Have to give them credit though–all participants areyoung and attractive.

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