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Fragments from Floyd

What? Me Worry?

Wall to Wall Dog
Wall to Wall Dog

I haven’t used the weeny camera on the Droid very much. The lag and awkwardness and fair-at-best quality will not make me forsake the Nikon. But a camera in the hand is worth two in the Domke Bag across the room.

I was sitting on the couch tweaking the browser (Dolphin) on the cell phone when the dog–not in any great degree of alertness to start with–rolled over on his back and stretched out to full length in a blissful stupor before the glass door of the cheery wood stove.

Life is good on Goose Creek. And we are thankful.

3 thoughts on “What? Me Worry?”

  1. Haha! Love it! Be careful with the cell phone camera, they can be quite addictive. Joey and I have equal ammo if we ever need it. 😉

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