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Fragments from Floyd

What the Dog Drug In: With Emphasis on the What?

Tsuga's Disgusting Discovery du Jour

He ran off. Again. Up the Valley of Bones–the boulder field of a former high, rocky mountain long ago weathered away.

For some reason, it is among those jumbled, moss-and-fern-covered stones that the local wildlife goes to day, as there are no front porch steps to crawl under like our dogs used to be fond of doing on their last days.

And here’s what he found: but what is it?

The tail is almost 18″ long. You can see a close-up of the fur, white-tipped, overall dusky brown to gray.

My best guess is coyote. Any other guesses?

4 thoughts on “What the Dog Drug In: With Emphasis on the What?”

  1. Coyote for sure, Fred….. An illustrious lineage of canine companions have had a taste for such things. The only thing they all liked better was a large lump of bear poo (and they rolled on that).

  2. Yeah, Fred, that’s a ‘yote. I’m guessing it was getting old or sick and the others turned on it during a feed.

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