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Fragments from Floyd

Wood on Wood: HeresHome Porch Swing


So here’s the wood burning detail of the porch swing depicting HeresHome–our house, artwork rendered by local artist and craftsman, Ron Campbell.

Benches and swings are just two of his many creative products.

His pen and ink drawings of Floyd County and other rural barns and homes can be seen framed and ready to take to your home at Bells Gallery in downtown Floyd.

We’re mighty pleased to have this comfortable swing, one of only a few things we own that we’d like the kids to have. Of course, they’ll have to have a nice front porch to put it on, and then slow down enough to enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Wood on Wood: HeresHome Porch Swing”

  1. Fred, that’s one beautiful piece of work! Thank you for sharing the detail.

    I have wonderful memories of spending time on my great-grandpa’s swing as a small child. Glad you could resurrect those memories for me!

  2. Also pine porch swings are made of a very delicate wood and need to be stained regularly. The wood is very soft and light weight. It will hold up against decay, the weather and insect invasion. Alder porch swings have characteristics of hardwood and are very easy to paint.

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