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Fragments from Floyd

WV: Davis and Beyond

Apologies that this is the only image I had on my phone from our visit last night to Davis, WV where we had a great dinner at Siranni’s Italian Restaurant–the Davis answer to DogTown.

We’re headed back there for breakfast, then a day in Blackwater State Park and to Elkins for our final night of the trip.

Yesterday, my college buddy Steve and I hiked to the top of Seneca Rocks. Today we are still ambulatory!

Davis has had an interesting history and continues to make conspicuous efforts to stay alive and vital–though the Bank of Davis has changed “hands” so to speak, and now houses a massage parlor.

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  1. As we roam the US in our RV, we see dying towns, ghost towns, almost ghost towns, recovering towns, and crazily successful towns, thriving on wine country or other tourist attractions. They are all fun for a visitor to explore.

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