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Your Dying Words to the World

What would they be? How would you face the known and near end of your life in a letter to the future?

If you are young, you are immortal or at least oblivious. If you have reached the age of putting away childish things–such as the denial of a last day on Earth–then you might find Oliver Sach’s contemplation of his impending death from metastatic liver cancer offers well-reasoned perspectives when the time comes for you to write your own letter to the future.

I have admired the man’s life for some years as a scientist, doctor and writer. Now I continue to admire his death, with great regret and appreciation.

Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer –

1 thought on “Your Dying Words to the World”

  1. Lovely essay, Fred. I forwarded it to my almost 79 year old husband. At almost 72, I am still too young to be motivated to think about my last months. I do think it needs to be months remaining, not years, before we get serious about wrapping up our lives.

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