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Fragments from Floyd

WordCrafters: Two Dozen Under One Roof

The Radford Library dispel the notion that books and reading are so yesterday.  You can help in this mission. You must!

Plan to come for the authors who have given their day to this opportunity to speak with each of you personally about their writing. Come  to hear them read from their work and tell their stories. Come to hear the music, to have lunch and enjoy life under the big top–the authors’ tent, rain or shine.

If you pass by my table, I will have both of my books, signed; all of the notecard sets; my laptop with a multimedia photography show; and some freebies. I read during the noon to noon-thirty slot in a nature-themed threesome of authors.

I am by far the most invisible of this august group. So when you amble past my table, do please wink or wave, nudge me, snap your fingers or otherwise acknowledge that I am apparent and real, or as a signal that we are imaginary friends in another world.

Hope you’ll come start your Christmas shopping early–or heck: buy your own self a present. You darn sure have earned it. Right?

What’s Your Story? « Radford Public Library
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